"500 is an album I wanted to make that didn't compromise, and allowed me to be completely selfish. I
wanted to be in the studio and have fun. I didn't want to think about who would like it, or where it would
be placed. It wasn't about making music to fill stadiums; it was about making music to fill basements.
It's dark, cinematic, emotional, and raw. 500 is the soundtrack to that vision and movement." - Caspa

1. Intro
2. DrumStick Lick feat Beenie Man, Klashnekoff & $pyda
3. Derek
4. 80's Kid
5. Mad Man feat Riko
6. Your Time is Now
7. Stand Your Ground
8. March Of The Marionettes
9. Submission
10. War Drum (Done Talkin') feat $pyda
11. Foundation Dub
12. London To Atlanta w/ Mayhem
13. Tomorrow w/ Emalkay
14. Tales Of The Unexpected